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Enfield. On film.

The Enfield Cycle Company began as a weapons manufacturer, most famous for the Enfield riffle. This legacy is reflected in the company logo using a cannon and the motto "Made Like A Gun".

In 1909 Enfield surprised the motorcycling world by introducing a 2¼ HP V-twin motorcycle, having previously produced bicycles and lawnmowers in their Redditch (UK) factory. The Indian government meanwhile ordered hundreds of Enfield’s for its police force and soon after built an assembly plant, making bikes from parts shipped over from England, later buying machinery to manufacture them locally.

The British Royal Enfield company closed in the 1970s but continued producing bikes in India, now selling in over twenty countries (including the UK) worldwide.

Legendary Motorcycle Adventures

The Motorcycles became part of us, friends even. I’d never held a spanner in my life, yet here I was learning to change the jets on a carburettor for high altitude riding.

Introducing the new fleet of distinctively styled and higher-powered Royal Enfield motorcycles, maintaining authentic style with improved performance, delivering a totally unique motorcycling experience.






We understand that safety is paramount: our tours are designed to comply with BS8848, the 'Gold Standard' for operation of adventurous expeditions. Our characterful guides are trained expedition medics & competent mechanics.

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