When the Atlantic wind blows away the curtain of haze, I can see Africa from my workshop near Gaucin in Southern Spain. Pan closer, and the defiant Rock of Gibraltar faces off against Jebel Musa, her fellow Pillar of Hercules, marking the gateway through which only the brave once passed. Here we are truly at a crossroads: between Mediterranean and Atlantic,..


September Press Trip 2016

Crossing Continents: Europe to Africa by Bullet and Continental GT

by Ed Adams (LMA Director)

Yesterday, I 'finished' building my boat. Give or take a few hour's scraping and painting, but that's a formality. I placed the centre-board case, so covering the gaping slot in the keelson, and now, should the floodwaters rise, she'll float. I took a moment to sit in her, and summoned the sensations of sailing her in idyllic conditions: heard the slap of water-on-hull, the textile strain of rope and canvas, the admiring calls of the gulls. And I thought about 'the difference', that crucial difference between having built her and……not.


Adventure is
essentially democratic
th Feb '17

by LMA Director Ed Adams

Faith. What a miss-used word in todays world!

Having faith (strip it away from any religious connotation, if that elevates the weight of this weary word for you). I’m talking about just plain & simply having faith in the idea that all will be ok. It has to be one of the greatest lessons, one can install in self. And the beauty is, that if we want it and have forgotten it, with time & re-education of self, it can be re-acquired.


Embrace your cracks!
10th‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ Feb '17‍‍‍

Another morning's waffle (to have with your mocha-Choca)

by LMA host Sam Pelly

He was 19 to my 35, a gap of 16 years, or of Geological Time for a young man. He worked for me as a carpenter when I built timber framed buildings, and he rode 'bikes with a passion'. There I was, fiddling with the carb balance on my '73  Triumph T100R Daytona (still the fastest production 500 made in the UK), he with a sandwich in one hand, cigarette in the other...


8th Jan '17

WHAT ARE WE losing here?

by Ed Adams (LMA Director)

The kid’s sleep, I creep into the morning’s impenetrable dark, my head heavy & body weary. Something deep down pulls me. “Awake and rise, embrace the hour,” a muffled cry whispers. I walk tiptoed, half-asleep, afraid to waken this deathly stillness. Outside, a silken blanket of mist has wrapped the world...


6am: 16th Jan '17

A Morning Ritual...the Cold Plunge

By Legendary Host, Sam Pelly

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It was the first time I’d met Ed Talbot Adams and the second or third time I’d met Sam Pelly, the two founders of LMA - Legendary Motorcycle Adventures. I could tell by their varied backgrounds; Ed’s history with the special forces and Sam being a father to three girls that I was in skilled, patient and safe hands. I quickly came to realise we shared the same strong love for motorcycles, adventure and dogs.


A love story

Morocco Field Report

By Jonathon Cazzola
Director of Malle

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