Faith. What a miss-used word in todays world!

Having faith (strip it away from any religious connotation, if that elevates the weight of this weary word for you). I’m talking about Just plain & simply having faith in the idea that all will be ok.

It has to be one of the Greatest lessons, one can install in self. And the beauty is, that if we want it and have forgotten it, with time & re-education of self, it can be re-acquired.

I had the fortune of having a mother (our greatest of all teachers), who installed in me and my brothers, a wonderfully illuminating, positive, life-affirming knowledge that all will be ok… if we only have the courage to Believe it.

It never need be about faith in a God, only faith in something great and vast and real; an eternal opening of the mind.

This thought blends perfectly with the knowledge, that there is never a Problem; well, never one that cannot, no matter how slowly or challenging, be overcome.

Another great teacher, Legendary co-conspirator & fellow host of LMA Ed Adams, has shown me, through his bulging tool-bag of skill-set, that any problems we face on our metaphysical journey, can be over-come. And not only overcome but can, & almost uncertainly will be, glorious opportunities for growth, humour, connection, education; all adding to elevated camp-fire story content…..!

…….potential therefore, for a total re-awakening!!

There is an old market trader in Portobello Rd. He sells badges with little phrases & quotes. I go back time and time again to buy just one of these badges for all my friends.

It reads “Blessed are the cracked, for they let in the light”.

To all my friends, my glorious Legends (yes that includes you oh reader of my mornings waffle), embrace your inner and external cracks today for they will surely appear!

And have faith that no matter what, you will get through it.

Resistance is futile. Let go, smile into your pain and woe. Yes it may hurt, but you will overcome!! Relax, breathe, have faith……….and watch what happens.

Within that mind of yours, is the creative genius, that has the potential to move around any obstacle with lightness, humour & brilliance!

You are far more amazing than you have ever been led to believe……Remove your shackles. Don’t be afraid. Open your eyes. Find Yourself.

Embrace your cracks!

Another legendary morning's waffle (to have with you mocha-choca)

By Legendary host - Sam Pelly

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