The kid’s sleep, I creep into the morning’s impenetrable dark, my head heavy & body weary. Something deep down pulls me. “Awake and rise, embrace the hour,” a muffled cry whispers. I walk tiptoed, half-asleep, afraid to waken this deathly stillness. Outside, a silken blanket of mist has wrapped the world. The trees, cold are all I can make out, silhouetted against the slivered sky.

Heavily, I find strength within; encouraged by the inspired wink of a new moon behind the eternal ancient yew that proudly sits on the edge of our garden.

Still the dark is here. I walk to the pond with my towel. I know if I can do it, if I can just get into those icy waters, I will rise re-born. I stand beside the waters, watching droplets fall from the wallowing trees about the pond, enjoying the perfect ripples grow and grow.

I know its ok not to do this, I know I can go back to the house and I won’t beat myself up. But I know too that if I can face this early challenge from the day, the remaining hours of light will be brighter; any other challenge from the day easier to face. I know this. It’s a revelation, just what this cold-water plunge does to my soul and mind. Ed Adams, co. LMA host, introduced me to this early morning ritual.

It takes me ages this morning to strip and walk in. And then I find the voice I need to quiet down the others.

Before I realise what is happening, my feet are in, walking into the deep. There is no turning back. I drop down, into the vivid, wild cold.

There is a moment, a fraction of a moment, where I open my eyes and look ahead. What I see and feel, almost indescribable. I touch on something there in that biting pain, a fraction of a moment that feels akin to eternity, a slither of light in the blackness. In this light, there is something, something of existence, of hope, a glimpse of our pure potentiality and perfection. It is wild, blue, and alive and it is glorious! I stay for a moment, before I can take no more!

'6am' - 16th Jan '17

A morning Ritual...

By Legendary host - Sam Pelly

I pull up away, ripping from this glassy freezing world, and I stand euphoric, biting, amazed & surprised! How can this possibly feel so good! But it does! The ducks laugh at my madness & I laugh with them.

I walk naked back up to the house, my feet on the crisp grass, cold, excitably so. The early morning hour to self, an hour to expand, laugh, dance on the razors edge, seems to me to be such a good gift to self.

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